Aelita Andre

“Aelita Andre, (born 2007), is an Australian born artist of Russian heritage. She is an internationally recognized artist whose solo exhibition at Agora Gallery, New York, in 2011 sold out in seven days. Created with the joy and free spiritedness of her youth, her expressively colorful abstracts are remarkable evidence of her spontaneous intuitive impulses. Intention and message are at their most abstract in her art.​

Aelita works in acrylic, with occasional added objects such as toys like plastic dinosaurs, butterflies and penguins, and various other items, including even a microscope. Aelita creates swirling layers of paint splatters and uses iridescent neon glitter to form an intricate, kinetic whole. The structural rhythms are unmistakable and completely instinctive, reflecting an understanding of composition far beyond her years. Complex yet accessible, sophisticated yet unguided, Aelita’s  artworks communicate a sense of excitement and allow a unique access into the creative mind of a child.”

(Artist Homepage)

Aelita is a quite interesting example of a child prodigy, while many may claim that it is just a child splatting colour onto a canvas a quick look at her paintings will tell you otherwise. One sign of her intuitive talent for composition is seen in the consistent level of balance in her paintings.

Mother Bird Feeding Baby Bird

This painting shows just that level of balance one would not expect if the creation of her paintings was down to chance. The smaller colour splat on the bottom left corner easely balances the bigger splat in the top corner. Another interesting aspect with many of her paintings is that the title seems to reflect her inspirational source quite strongly. In interviews with her parents they have said that she would for example start painting certain paintings after having watched a documentary on supernovas. Another indication of this comes from Aelita herself when she talks about her paintings while she is making them. When painting one painting displaying multiple objects like a toy Eifell tower with lines running from the different objects she would repeat the word for road. In Mother Bird Feeding Baby Bird one instantly recognises the big colour splat as the mother bird and the smaller as the baby bird. Although abstract the painting is still tangible in a conceptual sense and the added level of fantastic complimentary colour composition just adds to the visual splendor of the painting.

A feeling of depth is also quite consistently created by Aelita by using darker colours underneath the lighter colours as we see with the Mother Bird. The darker colours are even placed as to mimic a light coming from the top left corner.

Eagle Nebula

Again we are drawn to the instant connection between the motif and the title, the resemblance between the curved beak of an eagle is imminent in the painting and so is the feeling of flight given of by the “wings” to either side. Again the lighter colours on the left top emulates an eagle with the sun shining from above, and the dark background places that eagle in space. To the right bottom corner we can see something that might resemble a burning sun that also balances out the white colours on the left wing quite well. Small specks of colour in the darkness that frames the main motif links the painting even stronger to the title by being contextualized as stars.


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